The Repointing of Masonry Restoration in Kansas City – A Craft Lost in Time

There is nothing freer than chalk, the slightest touch of which leaves its trace.

Masonry, which includes stone, brick, terracotta, and  block, is found in some capacity on almost all historic buildings and many historic homes. Although customarily considered steadfast, masonry is subject to deterioration, especially at the mortar joints. Repointing is the process of removing deteriorated or distressed mortar from joints between masonry units and installing new mortar into the joints. Proper Kansas City masonry repointing can last 25 to 30 years, however, improper repointing will do little to extend the life of the masonry and may lead to irreversible damage to masonry units.cropped-lime-mortar.jpg

Kansas City Masonry/the Masons Co is adamant about historically accurate restoration and preservation. Masters in the art of evaluating the masonry needs of historical homes and buildings, the contractor has an esoteric understanding of how old and new products and methods react with each other over a period time. We determine the areas needing repointing, choose the proper techniques for mortar removal, select the appropriate mortar and execute the repointing work as skilled tradesmen who take great pride in their craft.

Properly done, repointing restores the visual and physical integrity of the masonry, thus standing up to time and it’s elements. Kansas City Masonry /  The Masons Inc. is the regions premier masonry company, providing service to both residential and commercial clients in the fields of design, installation, repair, restoration and preservation. Everything from historical properties to brand new builds and all that lie in between, our appreciation for true architecture never wavers.

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