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J.C. Nichols 63rd and State Line Fountain- An Expedition in Time with Kansas City Fountains

Kansas City Masonry  / The Masons Co is revitalizing yet another majestic fountain in Kansas City!

J.C. Nichols‘ remarkable development of the Country Club residential district was unique in that he used irregular lots with shapes that were defined by curving streets that followed the terrain, instead of the usual grid plan of rectangular blocks. Landscape architect George Kessler provided a street plan that incorporated small parks and triangles into his Nichols’ ideal design.

On one of those triangular plats, the enchanting Stratford Garden Park Fountain still sits today. In 1927 the Nichols Company placed an antique Carrara marble horse trough there as the main focal point of the historic fountain.  The relic was reportedly first used in a public square in Rome. Affixed to an upright wall surface, a smaller rectangular basin is placed above it. This piece was originally used to  refresh humans waiting on their animals to drink.


Both basins are carved with ornamental fluting. Two openings in this upper basin allow water to stream into the larger trough. The water flows out of a spout in the center of the horse trough and then it is carried through a stone-lined channel approximately thirty feet to terminate in a circular reflecting pool which is six feet in diameter.

Kansas City Masonry / The Masons Company is a custom contractor that restores, repairs, preserves, designs and builds residential and commercial fountains with a passion for architecture detail and absolute function.


These historical fountain repairs are complex projects,  because they’re both works of art and works of engineering that are constantly at the mercy of mother nature. The Craft.

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