We are ‘The Keepers of the Paris of the Plains’

A panoramic view across the Kansas city’s landscape provides a mystifying enchantment when a closer look is taken among the architecture. An undeniable reason appears for the seer to pause and marvel in delight as fountains flow, providing magic for all.

An iconic and integral part of  Kansas City’s past, present and future is fountains. The ‘City of Fountains‘ is a name aptly bestowed upon our municipality. In 1899, the very first city-built fountain in Kansas City cost $12,000. The only city in the world to have more registered fountains is Rome, Italy.


63rd st fountain

Kansas City’s own The Masons Co., “The Keeper of the Paris of the Plains,’ is the Midwest’s premier custom fountain builder. We are proud to include KU Medical Center and Benedictine College as past clients. Having created and built fountains and water features for numerous companies, organizations and for many private residences, The Masons Co. implements the type of skilled masonry craftsmanship that is pivotal to a long-lasting fountain whose magnificence is timeless.

These craftsmen embrace delivering a unique, innovative and stunning creation to each client, that he or she will be immensely proud to own. The Masons Co. also maintains and repairs fountains and restores historic ones while maintaining each piece’s integrity and majesty.


The Masons Co

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The Cosby Building
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2nd Floor
Kansas, MO 64105

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