Historic Restoration vs. Flipping and Flopping in Kansas City!

At the frenetic pace in which homes and buildings are being remodeled and sold in Kansas City, its troubling that many of these flips eventually turn into flops.  Renovating historic industrial buildings and turning them into condos is a hot trend as pockets of downtown are being sought out by investors for future urban core desiring dwellers.kansas-city-eugene-field


Rejuvenation is essential to cities and vital to their renaissance.  And there’s always such excitement walking into a recently renovated home or condominium and soaking in all of the newness. Unfortunately, the bones are often overlooked, especially ones that could be broken. When the brick or stone facade begins to falter, it becomes painfully clear that time and care should have been utilized when the modernization was being implemented.
Restoration, especially historic, takes the process one step deeper. It peels back the layers that are damaged and rebuilds from the property’s true integrity.


The Masons Company sets itself apart from all others in it’s commitment to historic restoration and preservation. With their passion and deep devotion to the fundamentals, these craftsmen are genuine relics to the craft of masonry.

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