Root Cause Analysis – Forbidden Knowledge and the Understanding of Failure

Feeling incomplete because of missing stones or bricks? Troubled by bowing or bulging walls? Plagued by mortar joints or vertical corner cracks?

The answer is to hire an experienced, reputable and smart Kansas City masonry company. But the answer is two-fold and the second part of the answer is to make sure that the contractor has the knowledge and esoteric masonic understanding to analyze the root cause of complex masonry problems and act accordingly.12931006_1127885283930143_6081715739747114832_n

Many masonry repairs fail prematurely because they do not address the primary cause of distress or failure. And where repairs fail, they tend to make deterioration worse. If you only fix the symptoms – that is what you see on the surface – the problem will almost certainly return, and need fixing over and over again. If you look deeper to figure out what’s causing the problem, you can fix the underlying systems and processes so that it goes away for good.

Kansas City Masonry / The Masons Co. is the region’s preeminent leader in looking deeper and determining the crucial steps in masonry repair and historic restoration.

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