The Magic Fountain of Water Features

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” ~ Roald Dahl

Fountains and water features are magnificent and oftentimes seem magical for those who wish to see, and yet, they are multifarious systems whose keeping presents daunting and often contradictory challenges. The play of water over sculptured forms is compelling, with its delightful operas of light and sound and cooling spray but these same features threaten a fountain’s stability.  Water erodes delicate surfaces, invites biological infestation and represents environmental conservation challenges.

Kansas City Water Features

“Just because an old fountain gives no more water, it cannot be despised because with the water it provided once, many trees grew up, many thirsty has quenched their thirsts!”  ~ Mehmet Murat ildan

Balancing a fountain’s material preservation with its operation and water conditioning needs is very complex. Kansas City Masonry, the Masons Co, works with structural and mechanical engineers, architects, owners and maintenance crews to treat deterioration and devise long term effective strategies to maintain and preserve fountains in parks, major buildings and private residences. Historical restoration and modernization are the foundation of our company’s foresight when these showpieces  are placed in our hands.

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